Unify Earth: Leading with Value

In a world saturated with polarizing factions, finding collective coherence and common ground can feel almost impossible. However there is a paradigm shift in collaborative models, compelled by the critical need for humans to commit to sustainable development goals, that is being enabled through an emerging technology. The next iteration of this technology is being fueled by unifying technologists, impact investors, educators, and entrepreneurs with a shared vision for a regenerative future into active affinity groups. This return to the basic principle of community trust is being made possible through the Blockchain. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to watch this evolutionary phenomena blossom, it is time to share the good news.

“It will be incumbent on human beings throughout the Earth to become a living network, to demonstrate the power of working synergistically with their environment to insure a future worth living in.” -R Buckminster Fuller

Mathematical Harmonics are expressed in sound, light, form, and nature. They can also be applied to human networks, computer algorithms, and organizational systems to increase efficiency.

What is Value, and What are Values? Whether we are discussing a person’s integrity (values), or a commodity (value), what bridges both conversations is trust. Integrity is living in alignment with your values. When we don’t do that we break trust, which is corrosive, causing ongoing harm until corrected. Trust is the hardest value to gain, and the easiest to lose.

If you buy a product that breaks often you will begin to lose trust in that particular product/brand which will ultimately reduce the value of the company or commodity. If a person lies to you or doesn’t follow through on their promise, their value will be diminished in your community. Value (for businesses and commodities) along with values (individual integrity) can only be created within a community or system for maintaining a foundation of trust.

Public trust is a concept that relates back to the origins of democratic government and its seminal idea that within the public lies the true power and future of a society.” -American Government, Your Voice, Your Future

Population Explosion, Migrations, and Trust: an Issue of Scalability. In a small village everyone knows everyone else and each person is held accountable within this person-to-person network of trust. Establishing a similar level of core trust beyond our next-door neighbors into urban or global affinity groups via digital networks has been one of the greatest challenges of our era. When systems of trust break down, whether from fake news, institutional corruption or a lack of accountability, then value, commerce, wealth, and well-being also diminish.

As human populations expanded, we initially turned to centralized power structures and third-party validation systems. This was the best means by which to unify geographically-distant populations and cultures to create cohesion for commerce or society. This has taken the form of governments, banks, and through the judicial system. Enforcement of laws, codes and regulations designed to protect the public trust within cultures that span great distances has enabled communities, cities, and nations to flourish.

This system helped to address scalability issues for trust networks, but human nature tends towards corruption in this centralized model that lacks personal relationships and community accountability. With exponential population growth, greed, temptation, and the abuse of power can best be kept in check through transparency. However, the centralized institutions intended to oversee and validate trust within distant transactions and engagements were — and remain — vulnerable to corruption. What happens when the institutions set to oversee and validate trust become corrupted?

What happens when humans, technology, and nature work together in harmony?

Humans, Tool-Making, and Technological Innovation: We humans seem to be as good at creating solutions as we are at creating problems for ourselves. At almost every juncture in our evolution we have faced hopeless situations and found creative ways to overcome them. Today is no different!

The emergence of Blockchain Technology in 2008 provided the first glimpse of re-envisioning data systems in a distributed or decentralized fashion. This new model is more representative of the communal, trusted transactions of the past which served so well in maintaining governance via shared values and shared culture in a small town. Distributed computing is a quantum shift from the traditional, centralized, top-down format that has been the dominant system-structure which has governed human interactions and transactions for centuries. With distributed information comes distributed power and distributed oversight. The democratization of data and information is revolutionary.

This is a more advanced system of enforcing trust through consensus, backed by a secure and transparent, immutable public ledger. It is potentially the most powerful collaboration tool that humans have ever created. This is a breakthrough in systems-thinking. It is also possibly the first time that a technology platform has been developed that mimics the way a small village maintains trust (peer to peer) while also being scalable on a global network.

“The internet entirely transformed the communications industry with speed and efficiency. But it has since become corrupted by hackers, corporate and political agendas, unchecked advertising hype and false identities. Even the social networks are now distrusted. What humanity needs is a new foundation for our interactions that is anchored in TRUTH. Because truth is the core value that blockchain technology protects, a future built on blockchain is a future we can believe in.” -Cliff Schinkel, Creative Director Unify Earth

Making Problems Out of Solutions: As creative evolutions go, this first iteration of Blockchain was transformative but it also came with its own hurdles. Creative entrepreneurs from everywhere began to innovate and refine the Blockchain concept into all sorts of different expressions while ideas competed to evolve the system. With so many people eager to hop on this new train of thought, with no regulation, and with obvious exponential upside potential, the field quickly became flooded with half-baked ideas, hype, and failed ventures. No standards or oversight to protect consumers made the open-source Blockchain business environment somewhat akin to the “Wild West”…

Needless to say this became a trust issue for the technology and the community around it. By the end of 2017 leadership and accountability were desperately needed in order to take the Blockchain Movement to the next level.

“BlockChain 3.0 is a foundational technology that will revolutionize all of our ability to transact business such that we can be about the business of planetary remediation. The old financial system has become the handmaiden of the masters of perpetual war and environmental parasitism. We must find a way to finance Peace and the healing of Earth and all of her species.
BlockChain 3.0 can help us throw off the shackles of financial and political corruption by providing unprecedented transactional transparency. There is simply nowhere for corruption to hide. We can and must learn how to invest in Life! We have seen the fruits of the economies of hatred and destruction. May we leave the past behind us and emerge into a New Earth where the intelligence of Love can prevail at last.” -Prof. Adam Douglass Trombly, Director and Chief Scientist at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen, CoFounder and Chief Scientist at Project Earth

Image Courtesy of 101 Blockchains, a great educational resource for Blockchain Enthusiasts

A Solutions Think-Tank: In late March of 2018 I was invited to a conference call with a team of diverse individuals who all have extensive backgrounds in technology, media, business, education, and systems theory. These individuals had also witnessed the potential and the problems of Blockchain. Bo Rinaldi, a legendary Silicon Valley talent broker for decades, has assembled a team of some of the most brilliant minds in the field in order to revolutionize the industry. To lead with values, to address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and to humanize the Blockchain… this is the mission and ethos of Unify Earth. I have been grateful to collaborate with this group ever since.

“Mr. Rinaldi has established himself as the premier broker of top software talent in the Valley and has little trouble these days placing the 1,000 or so software-programming ‘’consultants’’ he represents.” -New York Times

Unify Earth an End-to-End Solution: By striking a perfect balance between the collective brilliance of the open-source community and the oversight of a tight-knit team of developers, Unify Earth has created a comprehensive suite of tools that are interoperable, energy efficient, secure, and lightning fast. This is accomplished with enhanced mathematical algorithms that create greater harmonics in processing. Their proprietary Adaptive Intelligent Mining™ is a shard-based mining system which was designed to be fair and inclusive for all devices thus averting the choke-hold that some of the mining cartels have held on the industry. The end result is Blockchain 3.0 built on the Unify Core.

“We are committed to a higher vision, and we’re devoted to the work needed to compassionately disrupt dysfunctional systems, with ready solutions for a better world.” -Burt Lo, Programming Engineer for Unify Earth

The Unify Core is a meta platform for systems integration and a global framework that will revolutionize the way we do business. The Unify Earth partnership model, along with a fully collaborative chain, has endless applications. Data monetization for the individual, integration with Internet of Things (IoT), along with intelligent tokenization to re-define city systems as well as civic engagement are just a few examples. Usage models for impact investors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, humanitarian aid, and each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) are currently in production and forthcoming.

We can do so much more for our planet and for the well-being of all when we share our ideas, skills and resources toward that common goal. -Tracy Chapman, Unify Earth Social Media Director

Unify Earth provides a start-to-finish set of services for startups, cities, and individuals including a secure, fast, scalable, energy-efficient Blockchain 3.0 built on the Unify Core, a UEX Wallet for exchanges, Smart Contracts, and fully distributed Adaptive Intelligent Mining. Unify Earth is poised to take leadership in the Blockchain Community at a time when it is needed most. Since Unify Earth is both a company and an ethos, this values-driven enterprise attracts affinity groups of like-minded individuals and businesses who are determined to make a better world. Sustainable Development Goals are a central mission of this Blockchain and now Solution-Oriented Creatives everywhere have the collaboration tools they need to get the job done!

“We believe that we are at a real turning point where we must choose between living in a Philip K. Dick, “Blade Runner” version of the future centered around bleak scarcity or a Gene Roddenberry “Star Trek” version where there is more than enough for everyone and science makes the world better for all. We have more faith that we are moving toward the direction of the latter and not the former, but we also know that it will take work to get there.” — Col. Arnold V. Strong (USA, Ret.), Communications Director for Unify Earth

Affinity groups are emerging in different geological locations to usher in this revolutionary technology, to dream of new and innovative ways to employ it, and to redefine what is possible. Blockchain removes the cumbersome third-party oversight to maintain trust within these networks. Thus it democratizes the technology while creating an environment for more fairly distributed wealth, and an enhanced opportunity for civic engagement.

“As a technical enhancement of very human interactions, Unify Earth is the only blockchain platform I have evaluated that I feel will provide such flexible, secure and frictionless performance for years to come.” -Johnathan W. Brownlee USPTO, Reg. #59600

There is an evolving network of conscious individuals converging to steward this powerful platform that mimics nature and Humanizes the Blockchain. This alignment with Sustainable Development goals is an example of leading with value, and it can bring unity into a world of discord. Humanity is at the threshold of a conscious global village where regenerative principles powered by Blockchain 3.0 will bring a renaissance to the social commons and to the environment we all cherish. Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements and upcoming partnerships from the Unify Earth Network of creative voices.



Cultural-Creative, Media-Maker, Dreamer, Musician. Technology, Art, Science, Health, Spirituality, Culture, Community, Environment. UNIFY Co-Founder

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Jacob Devaney

Cultural-Creative, Media-Maker, Dreamer, Musician. Technology, Art, Science, Health, Spirituality, Culture, Community, Environment. UNIFY Co-Founder