New Release: “I Can Breathe” Reframes the BLM Narrative

“This song was sparked from a conversation with my friend Kiyoshi about our past trauma from racism we’ve experienced in our lives and became a way to participate in our own healing around the subject. As the world felt the tension of a society in peril, we transmuted the pain it triggered in us and created something beautiful for people to vibe to.” -J Brave

Kiyoshi and J-Brave

“It’s interesting that one of the main symptoms of the coronavirus is: Shortness of BREATH. And keeping this in mind, note that people have been on their knees with MASKS on, chanting “I CAN’T BREATHE” and telling everyone to “BLACK OUT” on Tuesday. It’s like a collective spell cast to keep the masses in servitude to death, giving up one’s freedom. I say let’s breathe LIFE back into our words & actions by remaining mindful of our verbiage and what we do.” -Kyoshi

“J Brave texted me one day asking if there is a track he could rap over since he was going to the studio later that week. I sent him a beat and a few days later all the marches and riots took place following the George Floyd murder. J Brave and Kiyoshi made magic over my beat , sent me the vocal and I finished mixing/producing and boom , the track was done in a few days. I love spontaneous collaboration like this especially with a great message” -DJ Taz Rashid

Quote popularized by Desmond Tutu attributed to Blaise Pascal



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