Mental Health Awareness: Here’s What You Need to Know

We all deal with bouts of depression, emotional exhaustion, loneliness, despair, and overwhelm but for some people the struggle seems to never end. When the world is falling apart many choose to suffer in silence, numb themselves, or find ways to escape and dissociate. Many of us barely have the tools to deal with these difficult feelings within ourselves or know how to be present for our friends and family. On World Mental Health Day, Monday October 10, there is a great opportunity to acquire interpersonal tools to make meaningful progress towards well-being.

“The #PEACEOFMIND 10 Day Global Wellness Challenge was created to bring awareness of the mental health crisis and to encourage open conversation about this important topic that affects us all. We aim to reduce the stigma associated with mental health while empowering each other with information, tools and strategies to optimize our resilience during these challenging times.” -Patrick Kronfli, Unify

A support network is paramount to mental health. Yet it can be embarrassing to reach out to friends, expensive to hire a therapist, and the topic is not something that most of us feel comfortable talking about openly. This is why the upcoming (and free) Peace of Mind 10-Day Global Wellness Challenge and Virtual Summit will be a profound way to uplift ourselves and each other. Let’s normalize talking about and prioritizing mental health together!

A Collective Empowerment: Social media is unique in that it gives us an opportunity to experience community even if we are at home alone and feeling anti-social. It allows a certain amount of space for solitude, reflection, anonymity, connection, and social engagement all simultaneously. Social media is always as close as the smart phone in our pocket and it is also a great platform for learning.

Most of all, utilizing it to address mental health can help us see that we are not alone. Together we can all benefit from having better tools for coping with our struggles.

What is the 10 Day Challenge? 10 days to prioritize your inner peace by bridging the worlds of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. The Peace of Mind Mental Health Summit kicks off the #PEACEOFMIND 10 Day Global Wellness Challenge on October 10th which is World Mental Health Day. Join and watch experts, advocates and mindfulness teachers deliver live streams, integrative health sessions, masterclasses, workshops, immersive experiences and more.

Integrating Technology and Wellness: The event will be enhanced by the Virtual Health Platform. This groundbreaking app allows users to gain powerful insights into all aspects of their unique personal health while also being connected to a global community network across 140+ countries. This is a worldwide movement towards well-being and mental health.

Peace of Mind: When we cultivate this sense of inner wellbeing we will also begin to spread in the world around us. Like anything in life, peace of mind is a practice that requires tools, tips, guidance from experts, and support from the greater community. It is from this solid place of inner peace that mental, emotional, and spiritual well being can root and blossom. This is the path to creating a better world for all of us.

Mental Health Underlies Many Global Challenges: How often do the rules, incentives, and goals of society place mental health as a top priority? Yet everything from crime, violence, homelessness, environmental degradation, and war have roots in poor mental health. When humans are operating from a place of wellness they will naturally exhibit compassion and generosity for others. Humans will never destroy their water, soil and air when they are coming from a healthy mind-set. Hurting each other and the planet that sustains our life only creates more harm and suffering to ourselves.

Inner clarity on an individual level is where we each have the power to make a positive impact. When many of us make this effort together simultaneously we have the ability to accelerate this healing process in our communities and eventually on a global scale. Having the right tools and a solid support network allows us an unprecedented opportunity to make the world a better place for ourselves and each other. The tools and the community are here now.

The Time is Now: You don’t need me to tell you that the world needs healing. It is time to re-evaluate priorities and place mental health above other trivial pursuits. Share this article and campaign with your friends and social circles using the #PeaceofMind hashtag. Invite others to join you on this healing journey and be sure to register yourself here. Let’s see what it feels like to come together in mutual support and lift each other up. The world will become a better place if you do!



Cultural-Creative, Media-Maker, Dreamer, Musician. Technology, Art, Science, Health, Spirituality, Culture, Community, Environment. UNIFY Co-Founder

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Jacob Devaney

Cultural-Creative, Media-Maker, Dreamer, Musician. Technology, Art, Science, Health, Spirituality, Culture, Community, Environment. UNIFY Co-Founder