Global Partnership in the Amazon Empowers Participants

There are few things more heartwarming than learning about individuals who reach across borders to help others that they may not even know. The Pachamama Alliance is a unique nonprofit because of the way they create partnerships with indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest. The Achuar tribe are one of the first lines of defense against poaching, extraction, and desecration of the rich biodiversity of the Amazon. One might say that a partnership between indigenous people in a remote region with the outside word seems far-fetched yet this relationship remains very valuable for everyone involved.

Community Maternal Health Promoters of the community of Tsunkintsa with an expecting mother in one of their prenatal visits.

The Achuar exemplify the principles of harmonious existence within their ecosystem. This lifestyle holds much insight and wisdom that the modern world can benefit greatly to learn from. The Pachamama Alliance hosts a Journeys Program that allows Westerners to experience an immersion in the enchanted Amazon with a thriving indigenous tribe. While staying at Indigenous-owned lodges and villages people get to experience a full reset from the stressful life of city-living. Adventures include exploring traditional ways, interpretive rainforest hikes, river trips and even shamanic ceremonies. The experience is truly life-changing for those who participate.

The partnership is fully reciprocal because the Achuar have challenges of their own. The Journeys Program and the revenue from eco/spiritual tourism helps the Achuar to protect and preserve the forest along with their ancient traditions. This cultural exchange is often the beginning of life-long friendships as participants become allies who stay connected through the Pachamama Alliance to support many enriching projects and programs.

Birthing the Next Generation. When the women in a village are supported and given a voice the whole community will thrive. Ikiama Nukuri means, women as guardians of the forest and it is also the name of a powerful initiative to help support women’s health in pregnancy and birth.

Men Play an Essential Role in the health of the community as well. The partnership pays close attention to valuing cultural practices among the Achuar while recognizing that women’s empowerment cannot be attained without also empowering the men in the village. By also working directly with Achuar men the program keeps reaching new levels of success and expansion into the greater part of Achuar territory.

Ikiama Nukuri is a health program that weaves indigenous birthing traditions and western midwifery.

A Beautiful Relationship. These programs are initiated and led by the Achuar and supported by the larger global community within the Pachamama Alliance. It is not merely a model for collaborative healing but also a beautiful example of how Indigenous and Western Communities can collaborate for mutual benefit.

Creating Models for Success. So often we can feel overwhelmed at the challenges we face in our world today. Yet there are many successful models that show us how people can work together to create solutions and heal. Even the smallest act of kindness and compassion can make huge ripples and restore our faith in humanity. These small ripples become waves when many people step up and get involved.

If you enjoy stories like this then you will love learning about Solutionary Activism, a movement that continues to plant seeds for a better future world-wide. You may feel called to make a journey to the Amazon and become part of the Pachamama Alliance Community by immersing yourself in the majestic Amazon Rainforest. Or you may choose to make a small donation and follow the impact your contribution makes for this special indigenous community. However you feel called to participate you will feel empowered knowing that you are part of the solution.



Cultural-Creative, Media-Maker, Dreamer, Musician. Technology, Art, Science, Health, Spirituality, Culture, Community, Environment. UNIFY Co-Founder

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Jacob Devaney

Cultural-Creative, Media-Maker, Dreamer, Musician. Technology, Art, Science, Health, Spirituality, Culture, Community, Environment. UNIFY Co-Founder