Everyone Everywhere Together: A Solstice Moment

Jacob Devaney
4 min readDec 19, 2023

For many of us this season can be crazy-busy and filled with family-time, meanwhile for others it can also be a time of loneliness and isolation. A globally synchronized moment of peace allows us to all simultaneously be together while also taking a pause to go inward and be present with ourselves. On Thursday from 1–1:11pm PST people will come together to honor the solstice. The annual event, hosted by UNIFY.org, will also be accompanied by a live-stream starting at 12:30pm PST on the UNIFY Facebook Page.

“Energy goes where attention flows.” -Tony Robbins

Collective Focus: The Maharishi Effect is a well-documented phenomena that when 1% of a population meditates together the crime rate and acts of violence diminish statistically. The science has been peer-reviewed with experiments in many cities over the past 30 years. A quick Google search will yield many great articles for anyone that is interested to learn more. It is believed that this synchronized collective focus creates a coherent field of awareness beyond those who are meditating and amplifies good feelings for the whole community. What if we apply this on a global level?

“The Global Coherence™ Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused love and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to compassionate care, cooperation and increasing peace.” -Global Coherence Initiative

Troubling Times: Our planet is going through accelerated changes in the financial, geopolitical arena as well as many ominous warnings about various environmental crises. We don’t need to dwell on the human-rights atrocities happening in various warzones but we do need to bear witness. We can feel the unbearable suffering of these injustives and sometimes it can be overwhelming. That’s why there needs to be a balance, moments for self-care, grieving, along with opportunities to strengthen our collective resilience, compassion and love for this sacred life.

Connection Heals: Taking time to slow down and connect can have a profound effect on our personal well-being while also reducing our own stress and nurturing our body. It also puts us in a more genuinely kind and peaceful place as we go into the holidays. Connecting can mean many different things for each of us. I enjoy going inwards to connect with myself, and I also feel refreshed after taking time to connect with nature, the trees, the water etc. Sometimes it can be as simple as snuggling up on the couch with a pet, a loved one, or a warm cup of tea. Do whatever works best for you.

Prayer and Meditation: Depending on your spiritual or religious preference you may have different terms for what it means to connect with the divine. The Global moment from 1–1:11pm PST on Thursday December 21 is an opportunity for you to create that space for dropping-in and connecting with the sacred. If you want to share this experience with the larger community online you can begin tuning in at 12:30pm PST for the UNIFY Solstice Program. Please share the live stream on your page and be sure to comment where you are watching from!

I like to join on my phone, sit under a tree somewhere in nature, close my eyes and listen. You can join without using technology just so long as you remember that the globally synchronized moment of prayer/meditation begins at 1pm PST and lasts for 11 minutes. Let’s combine our energies and amplify a vibration of love, compassion, and peace. If you want to share your experience on social media, please use #WethePeaceful so we can find your post online.

One People, One Planet: Despite our many differences we all share the profound experience of being human. We all grieve, celebrate, laugh, cry and yearn for a better world. It can be very difficult at times to be alive at this time but we all have a deep resilience granted to us by generations of ancestors who made it possible for us to be here. We all have something to be grateful for. Everyone everywhere is together in this way despite the many things that seperate us.



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