Desert Sun Melts Midwinter Blues at Tucson Gem & Jam Festival

Gem and Jam 2020, Photo by Sotrab
This year Shpongle will be joined by the mesmerizing Ishani Ishaya (pictured above performing with him at Red Rocks on May 4th 2019)

“It is such a gift to gather with our international community in Tucson to activate the crystal-grid of consciousness while celebrating art, music, and dance. Let’s get Shpongled!” -Ishani Ishaya

Live Painting at Gem and Jam. Photo Captured by Peter Speyer

“It’s not just about our international lineup. It’s about collaborating with your community and celebrating art.” -Jen Ingram, Tribe 13

Ashley Macias Mural at Dunbar Elementary School
Gem and Jam 2020 Photo by John Verwey



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