2–22–22: A Return to the Breath of Life in a Post-Covid World

Jacob Devaney
5 min readFeb 2, 2022

Conscious breathing has numerous physiological, emotional, and health benefits. By placing your hand on your chest, closing your eyes, and taking a deep breath one can begin to feel the loosening of constriction along with a release of fear and tension. After these recent years of political polarization, lockdowns, social-distancing, mask-wearing, and pandemic fears we can all benefit by taking a deep breath together! On February 22 (2–22–22) there will be a globally coordinated meditation to Harmonize for Humanity culminating with a 9Breath Method live-stream broadcast from a waterfall in Hawaii.

Research shows that a daily breathing practice has many benefits:

Every Crisis Presents Opportunity. During the height of the pandemic many of us experienced losing friends or family and were left to navigate the unfamiliar waters of social isolation. As people social-distanced, life slowed down and new opportunities emerged to go inward, connect online, and bring a deeper awareness to personal health. During this time live-streams, Zoom Conferences, and online classes/workshops blossomed. The Unify nonprofit organization has leveraged their international network to highlight many creative innovators while sharing various tools or practices to help people maintain mental health and a sense of community during these tough times.

A Return to the Breath of Life. One of the most powerful practices for calming the mind, releasing stress, settling the emotions, and centering is bringing awareness to the breath. This is amplified when groups of people join together in a unified manner and return to the sacred breath of life. This is a conscious antidote to the polarization, isolation, fear, and confusion that many of us have been through in the last 2 years. Together we lift each other up while holding a resonant frequency of love, connection, and support.

What to Expect on 2–22–22: People are invited to set their alarm on Feb 22 and take a few moments to breathe and center at 2:22 in their time zone thus creating a wave that begins in Tonga and ends in Hawaii (or if you happen to be on Baker Island). In addition there will be a global livestream on Unify broadcasting from the Texas State Capitol that begins at 12 noon Central Time. At 2:22 Pacific Standard time there will be a globally synchronized meditation for people everywhere in each time zone to “drop-in” and breathe together at the same moment. The day will culminate with a spectacular ceremony at 2:22 Hawaii Standard Time from a waterfall in Hawaii where Jeff Primack and Jami Deva will host a powerful 9Breath Workshop.

What is 9Breath? Practicing with the Sufi’s for over 30 years, Jami Deva is a visionary producer of ecstatic music and events that empower people to strengthen and renew their own autonomous connection to source. With an ear for the exotic he believes that sound, breath & movement are the keys to unlocking human potential and returning to the natural frequency of true love.

Jeff Primack is a Qigong practitioner who was plagued with asthma as a child. He spent many years studying various breathing techniques until he came across a Tibetan practice that allowed him to heal his asthma. This led him to host breathing workshops for 2 decades with thousands of people teaching a special technique that he has developed over the years called 9Breath.

“9Breath Method is a very potent technique that can be done in under 3 minutes that produces an immediate effect that quiets the mind, creates energized euphoria, and calm centeredness.” -Jami Deva

Music has a way of bringing groups of people into entrainment and so do synchronized breathing exercises. Jeff and Jami have hosted events with thousands of people in the past and found that the experience is more powerful when people practice this breathing technique together. This will be the first time they facilitate a globally synchronized event online. As a means to assist people in healing and transitioning past the Covid Pandemic, many will join together from across the globe to amplify a frequency of healing, love, and mutual support at Breathe 2-22-22.

You can learn more and register by clicking here!

Get Involved! There are many ways to get involved on 2–22–2022. Take a few moments to drop into your breath at 2:22 in your timezone. Tune in to the Harmonize for Humanity live-stream beginning at 12:00 PM CST. Join the globally synchronize moment wherever you are at 2:22 PM PST. For a very special workshop and opportunity to learn the 9Breath Technique you can sign up by visiting their website.

The best way to stay connected and watch all live-streams is through the Unify Facebook Page. During the whole year of 2022 Unify will be hosting synchronized meditations, workshops, and educational programs on the 22nd of each month. You can sign up for the Unify email list here to stay informed about all upcoming events.

We are resilient people with many hurdles ahead of us and many victories behind us. It is time to reclaim our health, reconnect with our local and virtual communities, lift each other up, and take a deep breath together. Though we may have many differences we are still one humanity sharing one planet. Let’s come together and remember this truth on February 22 as we return to the breath of life to increase our mental/emotional well-being and sense of community during these transformational times!



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